10 Places To Travel After Age 55

As people age, certain travel destinations have reached their expiration date. For example, most people 55 or older are not good candidates for climbing Mount Everest or hiking across a desert terrain. There are, however, exciting places to travel more comfortably for senior citizens. Here are just a few of them:

Places to travel

Here are the best places to visit

1. Ocean cruise ship holidays that visit exotic places are great opportunities. One might otherwise never set foot on the Bahamas, Alaska, Baja California, southeast Asia, or other ports of call for cruise ships unless traveling by ocean aboard a luxury liner. There are a number of quality cruise lines to choose from.

2. River cruises are yet another way to visit a variety of places which also included stops along the way to experience the culture, cuisine, and art of romantic places.

3. For Christians, there are many Holy Land tours that allow participants to walk in the very places where Jesus and his disciples traveled 2,000 years ago. Often, these tours are organized by individual churches or by professors of Divinity at major universities.

4. Domestically, there are exciting bus tours to interesting places in the USA and Canada that cater to seniors wanting to be dazzled by spectacular landscapes. These tours can easily be classified as trips of discovery when they go to places many people had no idea existed.

5. Archeological trips allow ordinary people experience the thrill of finding ancient bones and lost cities. On such a tour there is ample activity and outstanding educational opportunity. It’s a situation where work becomes fun.

6. Learning tours allow seniors to dabble in things they’ve always wanted to learn about but never had the time. One of the most popular of these types of tour is the cooking school trip where a week or two is spent learning to cook specialty dishes. Among the most popular of these is cooking school in Thailand.

7. Historic tours are especially favored for seniors where visits are made to world heritage sites. Many people have commented on how much more interested they are in historical locations than they were as young people.

8. Amusement park tours are favorites of grandparents who get to take the kids to those parks that are full service with hotels, restaurants, and more activities than can possibly be seen in one afternoon. A few days here with the grandchildren is the right cup of tea for many seniors.

9. Touring England via an organized tour is ideal for seniors who have long wanted to see Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, and other London attractions before heading out to Stonehenge, the White Cliffs of Dover, and grand English castles and manor houses.

10. Spa Destinations for seniors offer relaxation, security, healthful activities, mixing and mingling with other seniors, not to mention the health benefits of the spa.

It is plain that there are many travel destinations that are of special interest to seniors and retirees. Now that there is plenty of time and no job commitments, it is time to see the world.

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