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Keep Moving When You Feel Like Quitting

Haven’t you heard? “Winners never quit and quitters never win.” The best thing you can ever do for yourself is to push forward no matter the limiting factors and the forces that try to drag you down. In everything we do in life, there are always discouraging situations and circumstances that may seem way beyond your control. Some people work all their lives and can only boast of their salary, which is the only fixed income they have and such, they suffer from many money issues that weigh them down.

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If you want to achieve your goals in life, you must make room for uncertainties and unwanted interferences. If you prepare your mind earlier, moving forward in the midst of those uncertainties will be easy. Are you always finding it difficult to achieve your financial goals and obligations with the meager income you make? Have you felt that no amount of effort will change your current financial position? This is the right time to change your mindset because as long as you keep pushing forward, you will change what you don’t want.

How to keep moving without quitting

• Remember that forward is the only way.
Quitting is not an option available for choice. You can only move forward and not backward. Life challenges are part of the reality, and since you don’t have any other option, you must push on and face the forward direction because it is the only way.

• Change your attitude.
The problem is never the challenging situations and storms that come your way but your reaction to them. A positive attitude towards life can make you surpass the insurmountable. You may not have any control over life situations, but you own 100% control over your reactions to them. Think positively and have a “can overcome” attitude. Moving forward will be easier.

• Remember that challenges strengthen you.
Overcoming challenges makes you stronger and wiser. What you were able to achieve today will not overcome you tomorrow. After every victory, the lessons stay with you and prepare you for more victories in the future.

• It makes you a well-balanced individual.
Overcoming challenges and obstacles is like being refined with fire. When you find yourself in a pit and climb out with your personal effort, your outlook and ways of doing things will change. You will develop a thicker skin for attacks and also improve on your survival strategies.

Life challenges will always come. All you need to do is develop a strategy on how to overcome each one that pops up. If however your challenges are financial in nature, there are some things you can do to manage your money issues, even if you are operating on a fixed income. As we explore each of them, make the decision to put them in practice for better results.

How to overcome money issues

• Live below your income. The fastest way to create money issues is by living above what you earn. Try as much as possible to save some percentage out of your income to meet your emergency needs.

• Don’t add to your debt. One of the money issues we have is paying accumulated debt. Yes! This may be unavoidable but creating new debt when you are still struggling with old debt will push you into deep waters.

• Use short-term budgets. Develop short-term budgets like a weekly budget to help you check your expenses starting from the regular ones that later pile up to a heap.

• Downsize your home. If your home is a money-sapping machine, relocate to a smaller manageable place and save yourself from distress.

• Get another source of income. Additional income is always a welcome development. If you can get extra income from other angles, you will easily come out of your situation.

These are just a few tips to overcome money issues and to keep moving forward instead of quitting. Always remember that running away from problems doesn’t make them go away.

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