Sharing Your Time And Money To Boost Your Abundance

Do you want to have more than what you possess now? Is it more joy, satisfaction, money, achievements, friends and more success? The best thing you can do to live in abundance is to share your time and money in any way possible. Nothing comes free except air to a certain extent. If you want to achieve more, you must be willing to sacrifice more.

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Ways to Raise your Abundance Vibration & Attract more Money

Abundance is a way of life and thinking. To live in abundance means that you are satisfied and happy with where you are and no matter what happens around you, it doesn’t change that happiness. Operating at this level makes you a stable human being who is not affected by external occurrences. This means that this mindset stays with you and can’t be lost or forcefully taken because it is not about what you have but what brings joy to you.

There are so many ways to boost your abundance in life. You have to give what you possess in order to get more. If you have time or money, you must be willing and ready to give them out so as to receive more. There are so many ways to give out your time and money thereby boosting your abundance.

1. Discover what you value.  Take time to really think about what matters most to you. Who are the people you love to spend more time with, what are the things you love doing that can affect people’s life positively.

2. Create value. Many of us want to have more of everything without thinking of what we can give out. If you want more from people, focus on creating something valuable because the exchange for value is money.

3. Share your passion. The easiest way to share your passion, talent and knowledge is through a business. Let the business be focused on how you can use your abilities to bring benefit to other people.

4. Shift your attention from money. Instead of constantly thinking of how to get more from people, start thinking of how to give more value to people.

5. Show some kindness. What you give out to others is what you always receive. If you show kindness to people around you, you have sown a seed that will bear fruits of kindness tomorrow.

Apart from utilizing your time to create value in order to boost your abundance, you can also share your money through investing in projects, securities and other value yielding assets. The following are some investment tips that will guide your decisions and actions for more wealth creation.

Investment tips that works

• Always make cash available – even though it is not safe to hold cash for a long time, you must have some easily accessible to you so that you can meet sudden investment opportunities.

• Timing – make sure to always invest at the right time but also at the right price. To achieve this, you must fully concentrate on investment trends.

• Diversification – we are often advised against putting all our eggs in one basket right? Try to build a portfolio that consists of different assets instead of one.

• Invest in what you understand – let’s say you want to invest in stocks, make sure you understand the business very well. This is the only way you can follow the movement of your investments.

• Be mindful of the competition – make sure you understand the competitors to the business and also evaluate your own business’ competitive edge or position in that industry. This will determine the long run survival of the business.

• Invest long term – if the patience is not there to wait, don’t bother investing at all. Make sure you invest for the long haul and wait for it to grow.

• Invest in yourself – the best investment sometimes is to invest in your abilities and build them. Anything you can do to be a more productive individual, never hesitate nor procrastinate.

Abundance is a height of total satisfaction and balances both internally and externally. Whatever you can do to boost your abundance both in your wealth, power, joy, happiness, achievements, don’t mind the sacrifices. Look towards the crown and put more effort.

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