Effective Ways To Generate Leads To Your Website

There are three simple but crucial ways to generate leads to your website: search engine optimization, blogging and social media advertisement. As we explore each of these strategies, you will benefit from them and improve your website activity.

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Improve Your Website in 3 Practical Ways

• Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a marketing discipline that focuses mainly on improving visibility in non-paid search engine results. SEO improves a website ranking on Google, drives traffic to your site and brings your site to the awareness of users.

Search engine optimization involves the words on your page, how other sites links to your site and the structure by which you present your content.

There are simple ways whereby you can adopt SEO on your website to generate more leads. The first one is the on-page SEO. When you post any new content, the page is indexed for search engines to crawl on. The specific areas where they target are your page URL, the title of your page, the header tags, image alt tags and the body of the post.
It is always important to implant the relevant keywords into these areas. However, you need to be prudent while using keywords. Don’t pack multiple keywords on one area so as to make things easy for both the search engines and your readers.

Off-page SEO has to do with the inbound links to your website and landing page. Target quality links to your website. This will improve the site’s ranking and generate more leads as well.

• Blogging

Blogging on your website is another way to generate new leads. In addition, it helps your website to be more visible to search engines. One easy way to generate leads through blogging is to pair every blog post with a locked premium content that visitors will access by filling out a form.

Let’s say your blog post is about social media marketing; you can develop other content like an E-book that may read 5 Social Media Strategies to Sell More Than One Thousand Products Every Month. Even though it may seem a little exaggerated, many visitors will want to check out these strategies in order to make more sales.

Another way to generate more leads through blogging is that it increases your website visibility on Bing, Yahoo and Google. You have to make sure that you blog frequently for more visibility. If your site is ranked high, it will be on the first page of search results when people activate a keyword on Google or other engines. This will create more readership and generate more leads to your website as well.

While blogging, incorporate tags, keywords, and also develop a signup section for your newsletters.

• Social Media Adverts

Social media is a web-based tool or platform that promotes interaction amongst people from all over the world. These interactions can be for sharing and receiving information, developing long-term relationships, meeting new friends, advertising your business and reconnecting with old friends. Whatever reason you have for logging in to any social media platform, you are surely going to connect with millions of people from all over the world.

The first step you should take is to register on as many social media platforms that will suit your website’s needs. Do you know that there are many platforms where people meet all the time? There are some popular ones like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Badoo, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Vine, Tumblr, Snapchat, Flickr, Swam by Foursquare, Yik Yak, Kik, Periscope, Shots, Medium, Reddit, Blab, Peach and many more.

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All these platforms have millions of users, so imagine what would happen if you were a member on many or all of them. It seems daunting but the long-term effects can be rewarding when it comes to generating leads to your website.

When you have registered on these platforms, study them to understand what they are about. Make sure your content is developed to fit in to the workings of the site. Imagine posting a text blog on YouTube instead of a video. People visit YouTube to watch and not to read, so if you offer text only instead of video, you are making a mistake.

In order to maximize each of these sites, diversify your content to fit in to the workings of each platform. Post headlines on Twitter, post videos on YouTube, build a forum on WhatsApp, etc. Also make sure that you are frequent on your posts. Don’t attract people’s attention if you are not ready to hold them for a long time.

As you incorporate SEO on your website, rank high on Google, engage in serious blogging and advertise your website on different social media platforms, you will be generating thousands of leads to your website every day. The most important thing however is to keep them coming back.

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