Build A Strong Online Presence For Your Business

Are you aware that a statistics released by Google showed that 97% of the consumer population now searches for local businesses online? This means that any business that doesn’t have a strong online presence is lagging behind and if not checked, it will die off.

If you have not yet taken your business operations online, this is the right time to do it. Also, if you are one of the players on the internet but no one knows you, it is time to make your presence visible and stronger.

As you read this article, you find out how you can build a strong online presence for your business.

building online presence

What is an online presence?

An online presence is the total of all personal or business identities you have created over the Internet and how you have been able to establish these identities both in interactions, participation and recognition.

A strong online presence is determined by the widespread recognition of your brand which is evidenced in the number of your followers, leads, fans and customers over the Internet.

Why build an online presence for your business?

  • For easy brand recognition
  • To get your target market
  • To beat competition
  • To locate more customers
  • To increase sales
  • To cut down operation costs
  • To reach billions of prospects
  • For free and effective advertisement

How to build an online presence

Building a strong online presence is very easy. Just take the steps below and grow your brand to the highest level.

1. Create a website for your business

The first thing you must do is to create a website for your business no matter how small your operations are. Potential customers need to access all the necessary information about your business and the best platform for this is your website.

Nowadays, if you want to introduce a new business to people, they will ask you, “do they have a website? The reason is that, they may not have the time to listen to you but can check out your business over the Internet. The amount of people who will know about your business online through your website will always surpass those who you will introduce offline.

2. Apply Search Engine Optimization

After creating a website, you have to take it a step further by incorporating SEO into it so that your website will be visible. All you need to do is to research for keywords that relates to your business and incorporate it into your contents as you write.


SEO is very important because it helps your website to rank high on search engines like Google, Bing etc. When this occurs, many visitors will come to your website and as such, your sales will increase.

3. Establish a strong social media presence

The social media is now the platform which millions of people utilize for information sharing and receiving. There are many out there and any few you choose, be a strong participant.

One good thing about social media is that your brand will spread all over the globe when billions of people likes and share your posts even without your request. Just upload something meaningful, informative or funny, sit down and watch it go viral in few minutes.

However, the choice of your social media platform will solely depend on the nature of your business. Try and study the platforms available and select the ones that will help you market your brand properly. Register and begin to participate frequently.

With a little time and effort, you will build a very strong online presence for your business.

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