Increase Your Home Business Profits With Outsourcing

Suppose you are earning a nice profit of $3000 per month in your small home business. Your home business has been open for less than a year, but you just reached that profit amount about a month ago. Now you already see it will be hard to increase that profit because you are at your maximum limit.

There is a way to increase your home business profits with outsourcing. It is becoming a very reasonable way for you to overcome the hard limits on your time and personal resources that allows you to scale your business with reasonable expense.


You can outsource a wide variety of tasks, from answering phone calls, customer service, to running your technical web site requirements. This can be done from anywhere in the world where the outsourcer has good English skills, a good work ethic, and good internet.

Here are some things you need to keep in mind for successful outsourcing:

1. Have some kind of time tracking tool so that you know the outsourced resource is really working for you when they are supposed to be. You don’t want to be paying for time that is not being used for your business.  I personally recommend TimeDoctor.  It gives a great way to not only track when work is being done on your business, but gives proof in the form of screen shots while the outsourcer is working for you. TIP: turn off mobile and allowing them to change their time.

2. Make sure that you have clearly outlined what the outsourcer is to work on and know how to measure success when it is done. If you lack clarity, then only you are to blame if what you get back is not really what you wanted.

3. Maintain a record of who you hire and what their actual duties are. It will help you to determine what their performance is and if they are a good fit for your business.

4. Use some sort of project/task management tool. This will allow you to be able to assign tasks, see what progress is being made and review when tasks are complete.  You are the sole responsibility for your business at this point and it is important to make sure you know everything that is done. Later when your revenue and business grows, you can change this, but you have to have systems in place to do it first.

5.  Don’t make the mistake of giving things over and forgetting about them. It is not true that because you have someone you can just wash your hands of whatever that task area was. See the previous topic. That is a trap that will be easy to fall into, but I guarantee you will be scrambling to return those tasks to your responsibility when you realize you don’t know what if anything has been done in that area. You must maintain good control until you have the right people and systems in place.

6. Always keep a positive attitude.

Many people in the United States may consider it bad to use outsourcing instead of giving the work to people in the states.  But the truth is that there is so many regulations, rules, forms to fill out and keep track of, not to mention the higher cost of resources, it just isn’t always feasible for a small business.

Outsourcing is a great way for your to keep your business running. It can cut your expenses, allow you to scale your efforts, and because of the different times zones, allow work to continue almost 24 hours a day for your business.

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