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Ways To Expand Your Comfort Zone Through Frugal Living

A comfort zone is like a mental environment where you feel a sense of security from unwanted discomfort, especially when things don’t go the way you wished. It is always scary to leave a secured place for an unpredictable environment. The funny thing about a comfort zone is that it is artificial and the walls can be shattered at any time if the circumstances beyond your control occur.

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One disadvantage of dwelling long in a comfort zone is that it limits you to a certain level and thereby prevents you from exploring the world outside your comfort zone. It also hinders you from fully utilizing your potentials and as such, you may not really explore your inner self to the maximum. It also closes your eyes from seeing the many opportunities that would have made your life easy and worth living.

It is only when you can expand your comfort zone farther that you can be a well-rounded individual. There are many ways to expand your comfort zone and one such way is through frugal living. This may sound farfetched, but it is true. If you are interested in expanding your limits through a frugal lifestyle, there are many things out there that you need to explore to cut down your expenses while still having all you need. The only way to get this right is by exploring the possibilities.

3 Ways to Expand Your Comfort Zone

Frugal living is not a punishment; rather, it is a way of life that will enable you to satisfy your needs with less spending. It has to do with applying caution while spending your money in order to get the best out of every penny instead of wasting it on things that have no value. Frugal living presents you with substitutes that will cost less. In order to do this, you must break out of some habits that you have developed all these years while dwelling in your comfort zone. In order to expand your comfort zone through frugal living, you must do the following:

• Change some habits. There are so many habits that you have had for a long time. Due to your long history with the habits, you have mastered them all. Now that you want to expand, you have to change some of them. Let’s say you are used to shopping in a particular environment and due to how familiar it has become, you frequent such place.

Now is the right time to change your location to explore other offers or options that are far better and cheaper than what you are used to.

If you are also known to be at a particular place every time without fail, this is the right time to change your location. Instead of always staying at home during the weekends, go out and discover other things you have not been aware of.

• Move to your growth zone. After changing your habits, start trying out new experiences and begin to explore the world farther from your comfort zone. Research new ideas, new places and new practices.

• Hunt for favorable bargains. Frugal living has to do with cutting down on expenses and saving more. There are many unnecessary spending practices you have been engaging in due to the limitations in your comfort zone. As part of your expansion, you need to change your shopping habits and sources in order to live frugally. For example, instead of going to a supermarket for every item, you can attend a yard sale or estate sales. You can also ignore the expensive boutique and shop at a used clothing store. Originally, you may not think to do these kinds of things but in order to live frugally, you must consider doing them for the greater good.

Simple ways to live frugally

• Attend yard sales and estate sales for some items you need

• Shop at Salvation Army stores or used clothing stores

• Pack your lunch to work instead of eating out during lunch breaks

• Stay in less expensive hotels whenever you go for your holidays

• Use restaurant coupons whenever you want to eat out

• Cut down costs on cable and use online streaming instead

• Make use of your local thrift store for shopping

• Buy DVDs online for cheaper bargains

• Prepare your food sometimes and also get your own coffee machine.

These are just some simple ways to live frugally while expanding your comfort zone. It may not be easy at first but when you start doing things that you are not used to, you start seeing your abilities manifest in ways you couldn’t have believed possible.

Try a frugal lifestyle today and see the changes within and outside your environment.

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