Travel Tips For Baby Boomers

The term, travel, involves many types. Some baby boomers enjoy domestic travel especially road trips and often in their own RV. Those are most often people who have had their recreational vehicle for some time, using it to take summer vacations and occasional long weekend road trips. After retirement, they are well prepared to do some serious travel.

Road trips for retirees most often fall into the category of travel in the family automobile, but there are serious tips for seniors before they set out to discover what they’ve never seen in their own country.

travel tips for baby boomers

Traveling Tips for Baby Boomers

1. Check out the road worthiness of the family car before setting out on a long trip. Some of this like checking the tire conditions and air pressure, you can do yourself, and don’t forget to check the spare tire. With more modern cars, you need to go to the dealership where they can hook it up to a computer and get a thorough diagnosis of the car’s condition. A workable GPS system is advisable. If that feature is not available in your personal vehicle, your android phone or iPhone works well with Google Maps. The old fashioned way with an up-to-date travel atlas makes for a good backup.

2. Among other tips for baby boomers would have to be getting yourselves checked over before you travel. That done, you’ll want to put an emergency first-aid kit in the car to take care of any small cuts or insect bites and the like.

3. When taking road trips in your own vehicle, there are fewer limitations on what luggage you can take with you. Years ago, before baggage allotments became so strict with air travel, women used to carry a small cosmetic bag in addition to their other luggage. For road trips, a small bag like that with all the health and hygiene needs packed in one place can be a fail-safe against going off and forgetting the toothpaste.

4. Plan ahead whenever possible. That means booking hotel rooms ahead of time, shopping around to get your best deal. Take into consideration rest stops you’ll need along the way when you figure estimated time of arrival (ETA) at your hotel. If for some reason you’re delayed further, call the hotel and advise them of the situation. Otherwise they may assume you’re not coming and give your room to someone else.

5. A cooler and snack basket in the back seat can save tons of money. Fill them at your local supermarket or dollar store before you leave. Snacks and drinks at gas station convenience stores are usually marked up drastically from what you pay at home.

6. Two things you should include in your car are roadside reflectors in case you have trouble doing the night, and a new fire extinguisher. It is also advisable to include a device for breaking windows from the inside in the event you cannot escape through a door; and keep a blade handy for cutting through jammed seatbelts.

Tips for air travel are posted elsewhere. Be safe and bon voyage.

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