How To Travel After Retirement When Flight Is Not An Option

The way a retiree chooses to travel depends to a large extent on whether or not there was a lot of travel during those years on the job.  If so, travel after retirement will be far less stressful than for those who always wanted to travel but never had the opportunity.  However, even beginner travelers need not be up tight because of all the resources available in the modern world.  So to begin with, we turn to the internet and learn as much about the subject of travel as we can.  We don’t skimp on the research time because it may take a lot of it to find everything we’re looking for.  The two main questions we want answered in our research are (1) where would we like as our destination? and (2) how would we like to travel?

couple travel after retirement

Transportation Options for Seniors

Consider the logistics.  For example, no matter how hard my Dad tried to persuade Mom to travel to Europe, she adamantly refused to set one foot on an airplane.  Yes, she would love to see London and Paris, two cities that often figured prominently in the romance novels she read incessantly.  But, No, she had never had her feet off the ground higher than riding in an automobile and she wasn’t about to start now!  So the “where” in her case would be determined by the “how” to get there.  Obviously it would have to be some form of ground transportation.  Within the continental US and Canada, it is possible to travel by car.  The draw back to that is the inordinate amount of time spent behind the wheel in that vast land area.  Unless in your retirement plans you saved enough to purchase an RV, travel by ground vehicle includes the problems of finding food and lodging along the way.

By planning your trip well ahead of time, you can work out an itinerary that lets you take the greatest advantage of time.  Let’s say that you select two or three places you’d like to visit on your trip.  You can then break up travel into two or three “legs” where you spend time in between those days on the road.  That way, you can make hotel reservations ahead of time, getting the best deals by booking aforetime.  Before you go, you can download an app on your phone that will alert you to the best gasoline prices along the way.  Each time you travel you will learn more about cost saving and conveniences.

When cost is a factor but you’d still like to get away from time to time, look locally.  There may be museums, zoos, or other attractions right in your own backyard you’ve never taken advantage of.  Also short day trips to areas near your home may provide a travel experience.  To make such trips more enjoyable, try inviting friends or family to go along with you.

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