Travel Hints From The Expert

What makes a travel expert? Obviously, it’s travel, and a lot of it. It is someone who has made all the mistakes, learned from them, and continued to travel. Our travel expert has several important hints, especially for seniors:

hints from the expert

Best Travel Advice We’ve Ever Heard

1. Pick your destination and start planning. Preparing for a trip is half the pleasure of the entire outing. Anticipation starts that adrenalin process that gives a chills-up-the-spine sensation that even seasoned travelers get when planning to visit a new place. To illustrate how planning can be so thrilling, let’s choose a place and try it out. One trip I shall always remember was to Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas. What’s there and why would I want to visit there? So I did my research. Check it out yourself to see why it is one of my favorite trips within the USA.

2. Travel light. Your destination will determine what clothing you want to take along on your trip. Nothing is more stressful than hauling too much luggage around on a vacation trip. First rule of thumb: anything you think of packing because you “might” need it, keep it hanging in the closet or folded in a drawer. I guarantee that 99% of things you pack because you “might” need will never get out of the bag. Second rule: take garments made of light hand washable fabrics. You can go a long time with only 3 changes of clothes—the one on your body, the one you’ll wear next, and the one you washed and is drying over the shower or outside on a balcony (if you happen to luck out that way).

3. Do more sightseeing than shopping. Travel is for experience. Shopping anywhere in the world is. . .shopping. You can stay home and shop at Wal-Mart, but you cannot see the scenic and cultural sights of another area. And nowadays you can leave the camera at home and get fantastic photos on your smart phone.

4. Make new friends. Seeing the sights is one of the objectives of travel, to be sure. But you can do that at home watching Discovery Channel©. You haven’t experienced a locale until you’ve mingled with the locals, tasted their food, laughed and talked together. Other people’s customs reveal a great deal about the places you visit, and getting to know the people is the only way to really enjoy your trip.

5. Don’t be the ugly tourist. Wherever you go in the world, you are the face of your own country. Getting angry, talking too loud, complaining—these are things that turn people off. Being as pleasant as you can in a foreign setting is a sure way to enjoy your trip.

Travel keeps people vibrant and alive. It spawns great conversations back at home, not to mention the heart-warming memories you carry with you always.

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