Travel Clubs — Safety In Numbers

At last, retired and anxious to do some of the traveling we’ve often dreamed about. Maybe our priorities have changed over the years. Instead of high entertainment venues, we may now prefer to visit UNESCO world Heritage sites or important religious venues or, if it’s your thing, seeing historical landmarks. Maybe we’re more interested in scenery than visiting man-made structures. One thing is certain, though, we’re not as fit as we used to be. For our personal protection and removing the stress of trip planning, nothing could beat a great travel company that specializes in groups of travelers just like us.

So what do you look for in a group travel company?

travel clubs safety

• To begin with, look up the agencies that have the most experience. Some group travel clubs have been in operation for 50-plus years.

• Go to sites like Yelp© that allow users to critique businesses and services in their own words. [Caution: Remember when using these sites, that some people are chronic complainers and may not be totally objective in their evaluations.}

• Check out destinations preferred by the travel club.

• Ask about rates and times when they might be lower. Retirees have an advantage in this area because they do not have to make their travel plans around a business vacation schedule.

• Find out to what extent club personnel get involved with the actual travel. You want a club that provides a guide to take care of trailer park arrangements and side trips for sightseeing.

• If you are a single travel trailer individual, you might be interested in clubs that provide travel companions. You will note that some clubs are for women or ethnic groups.

• Joining a travel club allows you to make new friendships and share information that may prove to be very helpful, if not purely entertaining.

• Always check with AARP’s trip finder and planner tools for truly expert recommendations about your possible trip.

Recalling that trailer travel requires a certain amount of physical exertion on your part, it is recommended that you get a physical check-up before committing to a trailer vacation. While you are saving money on accommodation and (in many cases) food, it will still be necessary to budget yourself, leaving room for unexpected expenses that might occur.

Not necessarily a club per se, there are informal groups who meet regularly in trailer campgrounds and form their own travel groups of a sort. Talking with people who travel in this manner, we hear tales of constantly meeting up with friends they met on previous camping holidays. Of course, this informal type of group requires that each individual or couple tend to all the details of camping space reservations. One lady said, “We like the independence of picking up and going off on our own, but meeting up with fellow campers we’ve formed friendships with comes with a certain amount of security. If anything goes wrong, you know there will be someone there to help you.”

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