Travel Clubs For Baby Boomers Are Abundant

People before retirement rarely look for such things as travel clubs. Sadly, even retirees seldom take the time to do this invaluable research. It’s invaluable because it opens a door toward more economical travel for those who have the wanderlust. Although it’s prohibitive to mention all the available sites, here are some of the ones that stood out when I was researching the topic:

travel clubs for baby boomers

Joining Travel Clubs For Baby Boomers

1. First one to stand out was for a couple of reasons. At this particular site I was impressed by the fact that the travel club was established by Jeff Reed, a retired gerontologist. That tells me this club was founded on expert knowledge about the needs of baby boomers and older americans.

Secondly, according to this site, meeting new people and making friendships is equally as important as the travel itself. Tj’s Travel Club offers year-round 1 to 3-day trips around the southwest of the United States and several extended tours throughout the year.

2. More upscale, but worth looking into are sites like Grand European Tours specializing in tours throughout the Continent. Actually, the tours here are quite a savings as they come in at under $4,000. On your own that cost may cover only the airfare. This group travel could save up to 40% over what individual travel might cost.

3. AAA offers group members special travel planning and execution with some serious discounts thrown in. Check with your AAA representative to learn more.

There are countless opportunities for senior retirees to take advantage of organized group travel agencies. To search the web simply type in “Travel Groups” or “Travel Clubs for Retirees.”

When you do a search, what should you look for?

1. Obviously you want the best possible airfares. A reputable tour guide agency will have a working relationship with the airlines and, booking flights for a group of people at one time should get a serious discount for the members of that group. You want to be sure the savings are being passed on to you.

2. You want hotel reservations and dining bookings to be well taken care of by the travel company. There should be a representative of the agency traveling along with you.

3. You want a trip itinerary that doesn’t leave your head in a spin like the 1969 Hollywood movie, “If It’s Tuesday It Must Be Belgium.”

4. Don’t forget to see that there will be time to mingle with the locals. Travel should always have the element of education. And also remember you are an ambassador for your country as well.

If this is your first travel abroad, soak up as much as you can about travel. It is not unusual for travelers from a travel club to plan a return trip to a favorite place for an extended stay.

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