Top 10 Tips For Satisfying Travel

You think of tranquility when you hear the word “travel” – an escape from the bustling metropolis, a sanctuary from everyday stresses. You envision yourself languidly swimming in the clear blue sea or breathlessly climbing the snow-cloaked mountains. You can almost feel the excitement of seeing, for the first time, the paintings and sculptures of some famous artists in Le Louvre, or marvel at the intricate details of the stained glass of La Sagrada Familia. You can almost taste the delicate, luxuriously sweet and light as air French Macaroons or hear the soothing sound of the morning birds and raindrops. Then, life happens. Things don’t happen according to plan, and you end up regretting your travel. Sounds familiar? Well, fret no more because I have listed my top 10 tips to have a satisfying travel.

satisfying travel

10 Tips for a Most Satisfying Travel

1. Always keep your passport with you at all times. Have copies of your passport and other supporting documents and save them in your email you can access anywhere. They will come in handy in case of emergency.

2. Keep a spare cash. Bring with you an adequate amount for a day, and keep the rest of your money in secret stashes. Some travellers have money belts, while some keep their money in a pouch tied around their waist. Others even keep extra cash in the lining of their luggage. Make a mental note where you kept your money.

3. Pack light, pack right. Make sure that you only bring the essentials.

4. Mind your belongings every time. From the airport screening, to transferring them in your hostels. Watch out for thieves and pick pockets.

5. Make sure that you have travel insurance. Finding a cheap travel insurance doesn’t necessarily mean you got a good deal. Check the policy coverage – if the insurance covers emergency medical treatments, ambulance cost, a 24-hour helpline, and if it suits your travel needs. Some travel insurances also tailor their coverage based on your number of trips per annum, the possessions you’ll bring for the holiday, the types of activities you’ll engage in, etc.

6. Off-Peak Season Travels. Timing is the key. You will find that airfares are remarkably cheaper and air B&Bs are discounted and are almost empty. To best enjoy off-season travels, plan early.

7. If you are new to a place, act like you are not. Most of the time, foreign tourists attract opportunists. This is why it is an advantage to do some research ahead of time.

8. Walk, ride a bike or use public transportation. This enables you to enjoy the scenery, save money and burn calories to stay healthy.

9. Converse with the locals. This is the best way to immerse yourself – ask for the best pizzeria, or the oldest pub. Discover that Muslim women do not always wear an hijab. Ask a local to help you try on a sari. You will discover that even if you travel by yourself, you will never be alone.

10. Take photos but remember to create memories.
Always savour every moment, good or bad, enjoy your holiday travel. Witness the beauty of the place, appreciate the culture, create friendships and make each travel a memorable and meaningful one.

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