Travel Insurance: A Smart Buy

Recreational travel should be accompanied by peace of mind so that the things you do and the places you go can be enjoyed to the fullest.  This is accomplished with travel insurance and making sure you are properly insured before you set out for travel adventure.

travel insurance

If you are traveling with a trailer, have you made sure it is on your automobile insurance? Will your regular auto insurance cover you in a rental vehicle? Will your home owner’s insurance cover you for any liability for accidents in your trailer? So, first stop is at the office of your auto insurance agent. Next stop might be to your health insurance representative. Will your insurance cover you in another state? If you are traveling internationally, your regular health insurance may not cover any illness or accident while you’re abroad.

These are valid travel insurance questions which need answers before you embark on a fascinating trip.

Good preparation for worry-free travel is Trip Insurance which, with the right plan, can relieve you of unexpected stresses in your travel. And what, you might ask, are some of the possible stresses that could arise?

• Your flight gets cancelled and you’re stuck at an airport for who knows how long? Your insurance plan can get you a hotel room and ground transportation. We’ve all seen those desperate looking people whose flight was delayed or cancelled with only the floor for a bed. Not a pretty sight.

• You’re in a strange place and you fall and think you might have a concussion. You need a hospital quickly. Your 24/7 assistance will have you taken care of.

• Maybe you don’t know that you can get insurance to cover you with non-refundable fares if you have an emergency that causes you to cancel your trip.  This could be from illness, a death in the family, or other possible unavoidable situations.  Check your policy for limits and exclusions.

As with anything you purchase, a good deal of homework is required to select the best travel insurance plan for you. Ask a lot of questions. Some travel insurance companies will provide rate and coverage comparisons, but more importantly are the reviews from other insured travelers. In your visits to your regular insurance agent, you may find that you need special coverage for your recreational vehicle or travel trailer, or, at least additional coverage not included in your regular home owner’s and automobile policies. In which case there are very reputable companies that specialize in all kinds of RVs. As to health insurance, most likely your current plan will be worthless, especially in a foreign country. Think of it this way: you’re not buying extra expense; you’re buying peace of mind.

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