How To Save Money While Traveling

Travel can be expensive beyond the cost of travel tickets (when going commercial transport) or the price of gasoline (when going by automobile). There are ways to save on expenses that arise during your trip.

senior couple booking airline tickets in advance

Genius Ways To Save Money On Travel

Going commercial

It probably goes without saying but booking airline tickets in advance will save a great deal of money on fares. Retirees have an additional advantage by being more flexible as to departure and return dates. Airlines want to fill up their planes on days that are traditionally low occupancy times. If you can depart on Wednesday instead of Monday, you will get the lower rate. If comfort is a factor, many airlines now have deluxe economy sections where the seats are wider and further apart so that you don’t end up with your knees under your chin. This greater comfort deluxe economy is much less than business class.

There are several items to consider when booking a hotel. Look for one that is centrally located to many of the places you want to visit. Shopping within walking distance is ideal. Check out also if the hotel provides or is affiliated with local tours. That will save money over the hassle of hiring a taxi which in many cases in many locations may turn out to be a form of extortion. Limit your shopping on vacation travel. The impulse to buy local goods is strong, but often after you get them back home they are as impractical as nose warmers. Instead, use your cell phone to take photos of unusual goods you run across. The pictures once you get back home are enjoyable things to share with family and friends.

Look for small, clean restaurants where you can sample the local cuisine without paying an arm and a leg for it. Tip servers and hotel staff wisely in their country’s currency. In restaurants slip tip money into the hand of the personnel who serves you. Leaving it on the table, it will most likely end up in the owner’s pocket.

Domestic travel

There is no need to suggest you watch out for the best possible gasoline prices as you travel along. And just like commercial travel, book hotels well in advance and shop around for the best prices. The exact same hotel room may be listed at different prices on each of several hotel locator websites. Be sure to ask for an email conformation for your reservation.

One of the best ways to save on road trips is to take along a cooler chest filled with sandwich items, cold beverages, fruit, and other favorite foods. When the need arises to stop for a meal, find a rest area with shaded tables and benches. If you don’t take along a disinfectant cleaner for picnic tables, get cheap paper table cloths at your local dollar store before you go. This will dispel the urge to buy expensive snack foods at convenience stores when you stop for gasoline.

Talk to neighbors and friends who travel often and get their suggestions for saving money on a road trip. Exchanging money saving ideas makes for great conversation.

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