Group Travel Elevates The Over 50 Experience

Savvy Over 50 Group Travel

We may not be bedbound, but let’s face it, as someone over 50 there are some things we can no longer do. Avoiding travel because of those limitations is not a good option. We don’t travel to the mountains if we’re unable to climb, but there are thousands of places we can visit that are much more copacetic to aging joints. One of the best ways for us to travel is with a group of their peers.  It may be a group travel tour, organized by a travel agency, or a meet-up of travel trailers at the beach. In either case there is the strength in numbers feeling that can be quite reassuring for older travelers.

group travel elevates the experience

Some organized group travel may have the added benefit of mutual interest or belief. Many religious groups form travel groups to places of religious history. Seniors returning from those trips often comment on how much more they understand about people and places they’d only accepted by faith before.

Other groups may organize around scientific interests like working a couple of weeks at an archeological dig. While others prefer to go to places where they can benefit a community of people by helping bring fresh water wells to a village. We might call that humanitarian travel.

Meet-up travel in your own travel trailer has a longer effect on new friendships. At regular intervals, the group comes together at an agreed on location where they not only enjoy the local attractions, but they also renew old friendships. These people are on first name basis and even keep connected through phone calls and emails when they’ve all gone back home.

The advantages of group travel include both individual benefits as well as group perks. As one trailer travel gentleman put it, “You never know when you might need to go to the ER in the middle of the night, and it’s reassuring someone in the group will come running to put you in their car and take you for medical attention.”  Groups who come together regularly may have some price negotiation leverage at campgrounds and trailer parks.  Then, there is just plain fun.  A meet-up at the beach may include some serious fishing, for example. Competitive games of Mahjong or Bridge may also enter into the equation.

In organized travel groups, there is the benefit of having the trip organizers do all the reservation leg work for the group, offer tips learned from prior groups, and set schedules suitable of all. Either way—organized group or meet-up—there is a great deal to be said about the strength in numbers.

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