How To Create The Ultimate Domestic Travel Plans

Tips for Creating Domestic Travel Plans and Adventures

Spur-of-the-moment trips happen now and again, often as the result of some emergency, but also when a mood strikes to get out and get away.  The best trips (especially for the older crowd) are those that have been carefully planned.  What good trip planning does is minimize the unexpected and maximize the pleasure of travel.

tips for creating domestic travel plans and adventures

For some people the DIY method of trip planning works out just fine.  This means a lot of organizing requiring only that someone has the time and patience to check out destinations, routes for getting there, travel methods, hotel accommodations and the like.  It can be a big undertaking for the right person.

We need not reinvent the wheel when it comes to planned travel, however.  For domestic travel, there are countless agencies, hotels, and bus companies that offer group tours and day trips all across the country.  A simple check of those companies through the Better Business Bureau and websites that collect customer reviews make it possible for us to avoid bad experiences with a tour company.  AARP is a great source of information about tour groups both domestic and international.

Many bus tours include the price of your hotel room and meals at quality restaurants and cafés.  It stands to reason that the more of these kinds of services are handled by the tour company, the fewer headaches for you.  The able-bodied accompanied traveler is something to keep in mind if necessary.  For liability reasons, companies are restricted from helping the disabled by lifting them on and off the carrier, so a strong traveling companion may be needed.

Sometimes people forget just how big the USA and Canada are.  You could spend a lifetime traveling in North America and not see everything there is to see.  Train tours and vacations in Canada especially are, as one traveler put it, “a civilized way to travel.”  Long-trip train tours include comfortable sleeping accommodations and a dining car in a nostalgic throw-back to the golden days when the rail was king.

Some bus tours are extremely low cost or sometimes free if they are transporting guests to casinos around the country.  Often bus companies provide an on-board attendant to dispense snacks, answer travelers’ questions, and maintain the cleanliness of the restroom facility.

The well-known slogan of Greyhound© Bus Company pretty much sums it up: “Leave the driving to us.”  With a professional driver at the wheel, we are free from constantly checking routes, keeping our eyes straight ahead on the highway, and all the many things necessary for safe driving.  Now we can look out the window and actually see the changes in scenery as we ride by.

Planned travel for baby boomers has an additional bonus in giving the opportunity to meet new friends, which is less likely if you’re driving yourself.  It’s a simple matter of choosing the best destination and the method of travel required to get there.  Happy trails!

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