Columbus Day—Another Excuse For An Autumn Getaway

Probably everyone is aware that Columbus did not actually discover America. Nevertheless, the myth lives on in holidays on the second Monday of each October. Where you live may have a lot to do with how you enjoy the national holiday. While it is recognized on the calendar, it is not a federal holiday with government offices closed.  In fact, it is observed with different methods in each state.  In short, it has become a delightful excuse for a local celebration.

In those states where the day is rewarded with a “day off,” Columbus Day becomes a grand justification for a weekend getaway. When the weather holds at a cool Fall temperature, a short trip to some interesting place nearby is a delightful change of pace. A weekend at a fishing lodge or a visit to a city with art museums and other cultural attractions are just some of the possibilities for enjoying Columbus Day.

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A getaway at home is a novel way of making use of the Columbus Day holiday, even if it is not accompanied by a state or local day off. It’s a perfect time to invite friends and family over for a backyard barbecue. If the weather turns bad (as it sometimes does in October) the party can take place indoors. An unusual way of doing that is to play on the ethnicity of old Columbus and switch the menu from burgers and hot dogs to lasagna and garlic bread sticks.

Check out day trips available in your area. These are special tours planned by travel agencies or special interest groups that provide a day of fun and relaxation, relieving you from driving long distances. Day trips are a great way for couples to share time together. Just like Columbus made fantastic discoveries, this special holiday can be turned into a discovery of sorts when you plan on visiting local attractions you’ve long been aware of but never taken the time to visit.

Columbus Day celebrations can be revised to enjoy what Columbus was supposed to have discovered—native American arts, crafts, and customs. We sometimes forget that the New World was not new to the indigenous people already here. Perhaps a vacation can be planned around Columbus Day that would allow a trip to New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona where there are plenty of places to soak up some Native American culture.

Columbus Day and Fall weather present yet another way of making the most of a holiday season. Since Autumn leaves change their colors from September to November as a rule, the second Monday in October may be an ideal time to do some Mother Nature sightseeing. In places where there are few trees that change their green to gold, red, and brown, such a tour may require a few days.

A trip you always wanted to take but never got around to might be on the Columbus Day horizon. For example, Denver, Colorado, although a long way off from the Atlantic Ocean, is a surprise destination from that particular holiday. The reason for all the Columbus Day celebration with one of the largest parades in the country is the city’s large Italian-American population. After the parade there are ample opportunities to savor the best Italian cuisine and join in lively parties.

The beauty of Columbus Day is in the fact that it’s one holiday that doesn’t come with planned local festivities that everyone is expected to attend, or follow customs that happen on Labor Day, Fourth of July, and the like. This is one holiday you can tailor to your own desires for a getaway.

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