7 Reasons To Travel When You Retire

So you’ve often said you’re going to travel after you stop working.  Here are some reasons that it’s a good idea:

5  Good Reasons Why you Shouldn’t Wait until you Retire to Travel

Reason 1:  Going to different places around the country or various locations around the globe is an excellent way to keep the mind active.  Whatever passion you may have had for the job you just retired from needs to be replaced to avoid a rocking chair syndrome.  You said you want to travel; then mean it.

reasons to travel

Reason 2:  A traveler makes for a more interesting person and conversationalist.  People who have never seen what you observe on your trips are interested in your descriptions of the experience.  People who have been to some of the same places you visited want to compare notes.  No one wants to hear rocking chair-on-the-front-porch tales.

Reason 3:  Travel broadens your world.  You get to see other cultures and taste other cuisines up close and personal.  Often friendships develop that continue through correspondence or video calls long after you’ve departed.  It makes the world seem smaller when you can relate to news stories coming out of a country where you’ve visited.  Travel when you retire is an ideal time to spend more time in places you’d like to experience.

Reason 4:  Things you’ve long wanted to do or learn more about make good reasons for travel after retirement.  Some may want to schedule a deep sea fishing trip they’ve always dreamed about.  Others may want to take a cooking course to earn how to prepare exotic dishes that will wow their guests back home.

Reason 5:  Scenery changes may be appealing.  People who’ve lived their lives on the plains or the coast may long to visit the mountains and vice-versa.  Scenery changes on a grand scale may include such trips as to the Amazon, Machu Picchu, the great pyramids, the Himalayas, or dozens of other majestic sites.

Reason 6:  Looking for retirement venues draws many retirees toward travel.  There are many beautiful places in the world where the cost of living is much less and other retirees have settled there quite happily.  With your retirement checks being directly deposited to your account back home, you can draw out money in local currency from ATMs that can now be found in most parts of the world.  It’s necessary to travel to find such places.

Reason 7:  Travel allows visits to friends and loved ones who live far away.  Travel when you retire may be the first real opportunity you have for visiting friends and relatives you have not seen in a very long time.  Such travel comes with double reward—renewing personal attachments and seeing local sights you might otherwise never get around to.

If any of these reason resonate with you, get out of the old rocking chair and start planning your travel after retirement.

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