Hot Retirement Spots The Go To Cities

Are you worried about the finding the hot retirement spots?  There are so many places that you can live as a retiree and enjoy a millionaire lifestyle on your fixed income. I am talking about low cost areas, low crime rate, great medical services, reasonable tax rates and fun activities.

You may think this is impossible but let’s examine some of these places in the US and also in other countries of the world. Do you know why we call these places hot retirement spots? Many retirees have already discovered them and have been moving in before now. Don’t be left out. Start your plans to retire on any of these cities.


Hot Retirement Spots Sought After Destinations

• Portland Maine
Do you want the urban feel and many outdoor activities; Portland Maine is your ideal spot. You have easy access to good food, lakes, beaches and even the Mackworth Island is just a short drive away.

• Winchester, Virginia
Do you like rural areas and history? This is the right spot for you to retire to. The streets are made with 250-years old bricks with a 45-blocks historic district. It has a court house and a drug store. Apples and peach orchards are seen around beautiful stone houses from both the 18th and 19th century.

• Greensville, South Carolina
You have access to free Wi-Fi in downtown Greensville, free admission into Greenville County Museum of Art, low cost of home prices, mortgage and property tax.

• Pocatello, Idaho
Cost of living is low. Rent and mortgage payments are also very affordable. There is also the Idaho University for those retirees who wish to study more in the New Knowledge Adventure classes, for those above 50 years, with low tuition fee requirement.

• Lexington, Kentucky
Education and affordable downtown housing with art galleries, boutiques and great restaurants are all packaged in this town. If you love basketball, this is your perfect spot.

• Raleigh, North Carolina
It is a big city with low cost of living. It has nice weather and a solid economy. You have great restaurants, music options and art galleries. If you don’t like the winter season, this spot is for you.

• Daytona Beach, Florida
In this place, you don’t pay taxes on either Social Security or pensions. Taxes on property are low, housing price is affordable. If you love baseball, don’t miss Daytona Beach Clubs.

• Gainesville, Georgia
This spot is for shoppers, golfers, and those who love boat rides and skiing. Lake Lanier in Gainesville provides you the opportunity to do all this and more.

Perhaps being more adventurous, you prefer to retire outside the U.S.  You can consider some of these hot spots for a relaxed and comfortable retirement lifestyle.

• Portugal
Cost of living is low and the weather is great as well. Talk about the locals, they are very friendly. You can spend just $12 on three course meal and wine.

• Spain
You want to be warm on a beach and living in a serene environment,research more on this spot. American retirees and vacationers find this spot irresistible.

• Nicaragua
There is low cost of living and housing costs. The locals are also very friendly.

• Thailand
If you want to enjoy yourself and be assured of longevity, this holiday spot is the best for you. Talk about world class social amenities and health facilities, Thailand have it all.

There are other countries you can retire and have a fulfilling retirement life. Places like Colombia, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador or Panama etc.

What is your hot retirement spot?



  1. Nick Warner

    October 25, 2016 at 4:07 pm

    This is a great compilation of cities. I didn’t think, upon opening the article, that it would be this informative. I like how it talks about several cities and what in them makes them great retirement spots, not just why it’s a great city. It’s awesome to read something so informative and that helps make someone make a decision!

  2. Paul K.

    October 25, 2016 at 8:06 pm

    Maine is a nice area for older people, but the winters can be pretty cold and harsh. I could see myself retiring in a foreign country, due to the unbeatable cost of living, but you have to be on your toes sometimes if you choose that – some people might try to take advantage of older people in certain countries, and it can be difficult to deal with tricky situations when you are physically far away from family and friends who can help you out.

    • Melanie Nichols

      October 25, 2016 at 10:45 pm

      Very insightful! There are lots of considerations for such a big change as moving to a different country and culture. Thanks for your feedback.

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