How To Find A Good Place To Retire

Retirement can be enjoyable if laid out properly, but it is frustrating if not well planned. One of the things you must include in your retirement plans is finding a good place that is suitable for you. Suitability in this sense means areas that will meet your needs personally and socially.

Find Places Where You Will Want to Retire Forever

You may think it is not important till you make the mistake of settling down in places where you couldn’t find an ordinary recreational park for afternoon strolls. I wonder how boring you will feel as a retiree. Just imagine what you will do with all the available time that you have to spend every day.

place to retire

Make sure that the spot you choose for your retirement will always meet your needs as your age grows and your health and body changes with it. There are few things you should look out for before you decide on a retirement spot.

• Health care facilities
I don’t need to stress this point because you are already aware that this is one of the most important factors to consider before choosing any retirement spot. No one prays for sickness, but it comes with age. If your emergency health care needs can’t be met easily, how then can you live long as a retiree?

• Social amenities
They may not be world-class amenities but be sure you have the basic ones like good roads, electricity, parks, pools, fitness centers, train stations, golf courses and airports if you want to travel sometimes.

• Cost of living
You must look out for low-cost areas. You are no longer working. Now as a retiree, you must try to pay your bills with your available income. Anything that will reduce the bills you have to pay is a very welcome development. Look out for costs on housing, such as your mortgage, etc. Also think about electricity bills, cost of food and other necessary expenses you must make every day.

• Job opportunities
Any retiree who plans to work in retirement should look out for a place where there are job opportunities that will allow you to put your years of experience to work. If you go to areas where you can’t find anything to do and you had counted on working as a second source of income, won’t it be really frustrating?

• Closeness to family
We already said this in one of our articles. If you know your main source of joy is your family, think twice before moving to a place so far away that you can’t easily reach them when you miss them. Think about it: If you want to be seeing your cute grandchildren often, look for a place that is closer to commute. If you pack off to a faraway place, it may not be so easy to return when you want to.

• Safety
This covers the social, religious and political climate of a particular place. If the lives and properties of the citizens of a place are not secure, do not move there, no matter how booming or enticing the place may be. Remember that you are no longer a young person and if dangerous circumstances arise, you may not easily take yourself out of harm’s way.

• Transportation
Many retirees drop their private cars during retirement. Before you choose a place to settle, make sure you have other options for moving around. Some places have public transportation services that even offer discounts to elderly people. This will work to your advantage if you want to save costs or even take a long journey to visit places around the area.

• Weather
Don’t forget how the weather can affect your health. Make sure to study the climatic seasons of a particular place before you choose to settle down there. If the weather is going to make you sick, why live in that place?

There are other ways to find a suitable spot. If you have the strength, move from one place to another and live for a few months to determine how your experience for the longer haul will look.

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