Excuses For Not Going After Your Dreams In Life

Have you been chasing your dream? And oftentimes, these dreams are aligned with what we are created to do. But more often than not, there is an excuse as to why we are not doing what we want to do the most. You are already equipped with the preliminary skills to pursue these dreams and excel, but we always give one excuse after another for not doing them.

To be fair, some of the excuses you have for not pursuing your dreams may sound legitimate, reasonable and true. But they are not enough to stop you from utilizing the potential already deposited in you for achieving great feats.

Let’s take a little time to examine some of these excuses that you readily present for not going after your dreams, and let’s find simple ways to overcome them and move forward.

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Excuses We Make for Not Chasing Our Dreams

• There is not enough time
This is quite understandable, but you should also realize that there has never been and never will be enough time because it waits for no one. As it takes you too long to decide and go after your dreams, time is already moving forward every day and will never pause to wait for you.

The funny thing is that there are 24 hours in a day, and if you think about it, we spend more of it doing useless things than useful things. For instance, do you know how long it takes to finish a whole five seasons of a TV show? Some can do it in a day, and it’s not much of a surprise. I was in that group before and had to shake myself awake to run for my dear future.

If you can manage your time well, even if it means the use of the Pareto rule, you will have “too much” time for your dreams.

• There is not enough money
Well, this might be true but still, it is not enough to stop you from going after your dreams. There are no great achievements in life that don’t demand tangible sacrifices from you. It may require sacrificing the time you use for fun, or you might need to make certain adjustments with your lifestyle, hobbies, and other activities.

For you to achieve your dreams, you must give up some things that pose as hindrances to your purpose. Cut down on your expenses and channel more of your resources towards your dreams. You don’t need to start big; starting somewhere is enough. If you are waiting for when you have a fat bank balance that will take care of your bills at once before you start, you will wait for many years to start anything.

• My dreams will not pay my bills
Initially, this might be true, but remember when I said “sacrifice”? At this point, you are required to do a lifestyle overhaul. After some time, your dreams will pay off. You may need some kind of support from a few family and friends. This might seem embarrassing but looking towards your point of success should help you to overcome that feeling.

• I don’t have the skill and experience
You may not have the skills and experience, but the talent is there and with a little time and effort, experience and skills can be acquired and honed to improve yourself. It may pose as a challenge at first, but determination, sacrifice and persistence is all you need to get the required skills.

• Fear of failure
So many people spend too much time contemplating the many reasons they will fail if they leave everything to pursue their dreams. How will you anticipate and accept the possibility of failure when you have not even started? So many technological inventions that are making our lives easy today were discovered by great men and women who pursued their dreams and did all it took to achieve them. Who said they didn’t fail at some point? They failed but kept trying till they got it right. Don’t allow fear to rob you of your happiness. Even if you stumble once, rise up and keep trying.

• It is too late now
It is never too late to start. Some people may argue that they are too old now to start afresh. I once met a man who could sing like an angel and he could teach very well too. He was my boss. Every day, he came to the office and sat down from eight to five doing nothing. I asked him, “Why didn’t you pursue a career in music or lecturing since you are so gifted?” He just smiled and said, “I wanted to but there wasn’t enough time. Now I am too old to start.” Well, don’t wait too long, but never think it’s too late or you will miss that excitement of achieving your dreams.

These are some of the basic excuses people give, but if you are still hesitating, let me drop some encouraging points that may spur you to action.

• Following your dreams makes you a doer.

• What you do well defines you, and your dreams will do that for you.

• You will be an inspiration to others.

• If you achieve your dreams, you have contributed something to humanity.

• Dreams give you focus, boost your energy and make you interesting and worth recognition.

• Pursuing your dreams keeps you from having a life full of regret.

• Pursuing your dreams helps you to break out from your comfort zone.

• You will fulfill your destiny!

Well, there you have it! It is well worth it trying to go after your dreams instead of building up excuses why you will not. Start somewhere with the smallest requirements and gradually move towards the top.

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