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Retirement is a wonderful experience for anyone that prepared and equipped himself/herself with the basic information that are necessary for a satisfying and stress free living. When I talk about preparation, it is not limited to money or the financial resources which you were able to amass.

The 7 Best Places to Retire Abroad

Even though having enough money as a retiree can surely make things easy, there are other important things you need to prepare well for or you may spend all your savings before the first quarter of your golden years is over.

places to retire

Don’t get me wrong, finance is the first thing to plan for and then other factors must be in place for an efficient utilization of your finances. There are so many factors actually but this article is going to focus mainly on the place you retire to for the rest of your life.

When we talk about the place for your retirement, this may mean changing your location in the same country or changing your location from one country to another. Before deciding on the best place for your retirement, there are some factors that will guide your decision in choosing the right location. The emphasis here is to retire to low cost areas, cities, towns or countries where you can live on your fixed income comfortably as a millionaire without millions.

We all know that it is possible to do that if you have the right information and make the best choices. Before we give a few suggestions, let’s see some of the factors that must be in place anywhere you choose to retire to.

• A growing economy. This is especially necessary for those retirees who wish to take up a part time job during employment. This will also assure that there will be employment opportunities available as well.

• Quality health care facilities

• Suitable recreational activities

• Safety of lives and properties

• Plenty outdoor trails and few lakes for fishing.

Checking all these will help you to have all you desire in a place and also live comfortably on fixed income. We have few places already researched as suitable for low cost living. You can start from them and look up other options as well.

• U.S.A  Many retirees who are U.S citizens may find it difficult to other countries so here are some cities proven by research as suitable for retirees to live comfortable on low income every day.

i. San Antonio
There is no state income tax except for property tax. The cost of living is also low.

ii. Pittsburgh
This is very suitable for sports fans and it is also known as a home of cultures with a museums. Older citizens get a free bus ride and cost of housing is low.

iii. Syracuse, N.Y.
Housing and cost of living is low. The main cost comes from snow removal and heating.

iv. Akron, Ohio
Housing is cheap, medical services are exceptional and there are many recreational activities and parks to enjoy.

v. Chattanooga, Tenn
Transportation is cheap, housing cost is low and there are several opportunities for outdoor activities.

vi. Greenville, S.C.
Housing cost and mortgage is low and there are a lot of free fun activities you can get while living in this part of South Carolina.

vii. Augusta, Ga.
The best place for golfers, low housing and mortgage cost and good medical services are all available for retirees.

viii. Des Moines, Iowa
There is a free season ticket to University of Iowa football games for retirees and three days per week for volunteer week at Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden. The housing cost and Mortgage is low as well.

ix. Louisville, Ky.
Tuition free classes in Louisville University for older citizen of 65 years and above. The cost of rent and mortgage is also low and there are museums that people can relax in the afternoons.

x. Little Rock, Ark.
Rent and Mortgage is low and there are a lot of attractions for retirees.

Retirees who want to live abroad in their golden years can consider living in La Paz Mexico. In this Mexican capital, rent is low and there are several activities like Horse riding and dune buggy driving which retirees can enjoy. Also in Puerto Vallarta, many people speak English; there is good medical services and access to Internet and ease of flying to U.S and Canada.

Panama has many attractions to keep retirees occupied and entertained. There are also some incentives which are given to U.S senior citizens like some percentage reductions in the cost of entertainment, medical services, electricity and phones bills, restaurant meals and air fare.

This city offers ten major golf courses, quaint cobblestone streets where there are many seafood vendors and cafes. Housing options are very affordable and there are free entertainments for senior citizen to enjoy.

This city is decorated with beautiful beaches and mountains. Cost of living is cheap and weekends can be spent in the Chatuchak weekend market which is known as one of the bazaars worldwide.

Retirees who love fishing needs to take a closer look at this city. The city is also known for safety, cleanliness and charm.

Retirees has a good opportunity with the MM2H (Malaysia my second home) to apply for a ten year visa with ease. This island boosts of quality health care, art scene and robust architecture. It is also an English-speaking community which has its streets lined with several restaurants that offer food for many cultures.

In addition to the above cities and countries, there are other countries like Quito Ecuador, Valencia Spain, Managua Nicaragua and Bordeaux France Etc which retirees can research and consider for a comfortable and low cost retirement living.

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