10 Ways To Spend Free Time In Retirement

Are you already scared on what to do with all that free time during retirement? Have you even taken time to decide on what to do? Many people think that they should include time planning in while making their retirement plans. You may be surprised on how bored you can be if you didn’t decide earlier on how to spend your free time, you may turn a channel surfing expert or a bedridden healthy individual. I know it’s funny to be bedridden while you are healthy. Well! What else can you do if you don’t have anything to do?

Anyway, if you have not decided, you can start making a decision today from these few pointers which I am about to give to you. Believe it when I say, boredom can lead to depression and depression can lead to suicidal tendencies. So let’s take the first step and make the right plan today. Start from these suggestions and choose the most suitable options for you.

free time in retirement

Ideal Ways to Spend Your Days in Retirement

• Learn a skill
Do you think you should stop learning just because you have retired? Who told you 65-70 years is old? You can learn how to do many things which you always desired but couldn’t do due to time. Now is the right time to learn that swing dance which you enjoy. How about a class in the skill of blogging which is the trendy occupation today? Do you love music l? Start taking lessons in any part of music. You may be surprised that there is a dormant artistic giant in you. Surprising right? This is the time to discover the hidden potentials in you.

• Volunteer with your new skills.
Put those skills you have before and the new ones to work. You can offer some plumbing services to organizations, doing electrical work in some churches or carpentry work for your neighborhood widows will also earn you some legacy points. How can you ever be depressed when you are busy and creative?

• Participate in sports
Well, go into the field and feel the praise of the cheerleaders. Ha! Instead of always being a spectator, you can be a player now that you have retired. We are talking of playing games with fellow retirees and winning trophies. Who said you can’t do it? If you bring yourself out and put effort, you will be happier and more satisfied.

• Coaching or tutoring
You can give back to the younger generation by offering some coaching services to children in your neighborhood. You can coach the local league; you can also tutor children on languages or test/exam preparations. You have enough time to give back to the society without disrupting your personal routine. Why not utilize it?

• Join a group/club
You have time right? Why not join a group or a club. There are so many out there you can join and live a more meaningful life to yourself and the society. It may be a support group, entrepreneurs groups, dating group etc. there also several clubs you can join like book club, church clubs, hobby clubs etc. if you are an active member, you will make new friends, explore new worlds and expand your horizon.

• Fishing and Hunting.
Why miss all the fun still? You never had the time to hunt or go fishing with your friends while you were busy trying to make ends meet. Now you have enough time, don’t sit still. Invite your fellow retirees, pack up and go for hunting trips and fishing. The serenity of the river and the excitement of the hunt will keep your heart functioning well every day.

• Take trips.
There are so many exciting places you can visit now that you have retired. You may travel out of the country, visit some beautiful places you have heard about but not seen. What about packing up with few friends and going for an exciting road trip? Where to go cannot be exhausted I tell you.

• Volunteer
There are so many nongovernmental organizations that are pursuing one good cause or the other. Join your favorite one and give back to the society. You can also join some people in doing one community project or the other like cleaning the park, painting a local church, doing some relief work or taking care of the sick in a local clinic.

• Gardening
Starting a garden is discovered as one way to save money spent on vegetables by retiree. Gardening serves two purposes for you. It helps you to cut down costs and also helps you to fight boredom and depression. Tending your vegetables from tender roots to full grown crops can be exciting and time consuming. You have the time don’t you? use it and kill two birds with one stone.

• Reading
Reading motivational books, inspirational quotes and self-improvement articles can help your psyche more than any doctor can do for you. Now that you have time, read and consume it all.

Retirement is not the end of life. It is the beginning of another phase of life. You can’t watch television all day. You must engage in other activities that will make you happy. Always remember that there will be enough time to do all you ever wished for. If you prepare and plan well for it, you will retire comfortably and healthy.

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