Why Is Dating Important?

The importance of dating cannot be overemphasized both before and after marriage. We all know that it is good to date before marriage, but it doesn’t stop there. Also, married couples who want to retain the fire of romance in their relationship with their spouse also need to date from time to time.

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Reasons Why Dating Is Important

Some marriages are crashing today because couples don’t have time for each other anymore. It is actually not their fault because the demands of family life, with its associated expenses, distract them from each other. The love is there but the zeal is gone. At some point, it will seem as if the only option is divorce. Well, before you take that plunge into the world of regrets, introduce a little dating into your marriage to see the wonders that will unfold before you.

There are so many reasons why you should date before and after marriage, and as you read on, you will be convinced.

Dating before marriage

• It makes you happy. Have you ever felt that sense of anticipation and excitement preparing for a date? That feeling is heavenly, especially if you are in love with each other.

• It builds social confidence. Going out from time to time and meeting friends of friends can make you a socially confident individual. Even if you are an introvert, dating builds your confidence when you are in social gathering/meetings.

• It develops your personality. Through constant interaction and successful relationships with other people, your personality unfolds and develops for the better.

• It provides companionship. Loneliness is a terrible situation that can lead to depression if not checked. There are some times when you need other humans to be assured that you are meaningful in life. As you date and interact, you will always know that you are not alone.

• It helps you find the right mate for marriage. I know that it is not possible to know all about someone, but you will know to a certain extent when you are dating. You can gradually discover how compatible or suitable you are for each other or not.

• It prepares you for marriage. I always believe that dating someone before you marry them will give you a sneak peak on what it will be like when you are married to them. You can also find out some areas of adjustments and sacrifices as you date.

Dating in marriage

Dating shouldn’t stop after marriage. It is also important that you find time to date as a married couple. It will really surprise you on how helpful it can be. Let’s examine few important reasons to date in marriage as well.

• It rekindles romance. Is your passion for each other dying as a married couple? Now is the time to set it ablaze again through dating. Don’t allow your passion to die after a few years of marriage. If you do, you will only endure your spouse instead of enjoying their company. Remember those spots and moments that heightened your awareness of each other and try as much as possible to capture them back.

• It improves communication. Some couples are battling a lack of communication in their marriage. They find it hard to express their feelings and wants to their partner. Create the right environment through dating, and see how the mood will loosen the feelings that have been bottled up all these years of silent battle.

• It tells your spouse how you feel about them. What we value is what we give the most of our attention. What better way to tell your spouse that you value them than spending quality time alone with them? If you make time to date, your other half will always feel important and special.

• It is an ice breaker. Has the silent treatment lasted too long? Don’t worry. Just invite your spouse to a date and if he/she grudgingly comes, surprise them with a good time and see how happy you both will be on the way home.

Dating is very important before marriage and after marriage. Don’t ever forget. Make it a lifetime practice and reap all the fruits thereof.

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