Three Unwritten Laws In Dating Online

When it comes to online dating, there are so many things to think about – creating the right profile, what photos to use, how to initiate a conversation, and the list goes on. With living in an era in which the majority of new relationships are formed online, all of this can be daunting. That being said there are a few key principals or ‘laws’ that you should be aware of to get you in the swing of things and keep you on the right track in your quest for the right love match. Welcome to the three unwritten laws in dating online.

dating online

Here are three unwritten rules of the dating world:

1. No Photo? No Thanks! Be wary of any dating profile that does not include a photo or only has one. Including a photo is key to both attracting people to your profile as well as sharing more about yourself without the use of words. If someone does not have a photo – are they trying to hide something or pretend to be someone different? Are they just lazy and not putting forth a strong effort to find a mate? Maybe one photo shows a person’s goofy side, while another photo demonstrates their love of the outdoors and yet another shows the value they place on their relationships with family and friends. Including a variety of photos helps paint a fuller picture of who someone really is and what they are really about. Not having any photos at all is certainly a red flag and one of the unwritten laws in dating online.

2. The Spam Message. This is one of those laws in dating online that should be easy to spot. You receive a notification that you have a new message. You cozy up to your laptop and open up a message that is perfectly written and perfectly.. generic. Think “you seem like a really nice person” or “you have a beautiful smile” or “I’d really like to get to know you better. That mixture of nerves and excitement you were feeling quickly turns to disappointment. The “spam message” is essentially a generic, template message that someone sends to a bunch of different people hoping to get a bite. They don’t take the time to really read your profile and write you a thoughtful, personalized message, so why would they be any different in real life? This is definitely the type of person to avoid online.

3. Multiple Convos? No Problemo. It is ok to talk to more than one person online. Everyone does it. You are exploring and getting to know people through the exchange of messages. You should always exchange a few messages back and forth with someone before deciding to go on a date with them or not, and there is nothing wrong with talking to more than one person at a time. You have not made any commitments at this point so there is no need to limit your options. If you go out on a date with someone and it turns into a strong connection, it will become pretty clear that you aren’t interested in talking to anyone else or pursuing other relationships. Do what feels right, but exploring is all part of discovering what you want.

Good luck out there in online dating land and remember, your true love match could be just a click away!

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