The Seven Essential Tips For Dating Online Safety That You Should Know

Congratulations! You’ve taken the plunge and decided to try online dating. Whether you are brand new to the dating scene or not, there are a whole set of guidelines to think about when it comes to dating online safety that you should be aware of.

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Online Dating Safety Tips

1. Take Your Time. Even if a person’s profile has really caught your eye and they ask you out right away, be sure to correspond back and forth a bit to get to know one another first before agreeing to meet in person. This way, you will not only feel more comfortable if you do choose to take things to the next level by meeting in person, but you may pick up on some red flags and nip things in the bud before you end up face to face. This is a rule of thumb when it comes to dating online safety.

2. Tell a Friend. Be sure to give a friend all of the details of your date – where and when you are meeting your date and who they are. You never want to be stuck in a situation in which no one knows where you are. Check in with them before and after your date to stay on the safe side.

3. Pick a Public Place. When meeting your date for the first time (or even second or third for that matter), be sure to choose a setting that is public where there are sure to be other people around. Even if you have been steadily conversing online and you feel that you have gotten to know the other person, dating online safety always comes first.

4. Don’t Reveal Too Much. When it comes to dating online safety, high on the list is to never give out any personal information such as your home address or where you work, etc. Of course it is fine to tell someone what you do for a living, but they don’t need the address to your place of business. Chances are the person is perfectly trustworthy, but you don’t know that yet so err on the side of caution.

5. Drive Yourself. Whether you opt to drive or take a cab, you should always ensure that you are the one responsible getting you to and from the date. Although it may be a nice, innocent gesture should your date offer to drive you, politely decline. You wouldn’t get into a car with a stranger in any other situation, would you? Dating should be no different. Talking to someone online does not mean that you really know the person.

6. Easy on the Wine. It is no secret that consuming alcohol can help calm the nerves at times, especially when you have those first date jitters, but please proceed with caution. Alcohol can also cloud your judgment and ability to think logically, placing you in a compromised position in the company of someone you don’t know very well. The key here is to know your limit and err on the conservative side.

7. Trust Your Instincts. If you are on a date and something just doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Even if you can’t quite put your finger on what it is, go with your gut and remove yourself from the situation. Dating online safety should be your number one priority and should not be taken lightly.

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