Dating: Where To Start

Getting the right partner in life is not as simple as some people imagine. It starts with knowing yourself as a person and taking time to figure out what you want. After you have decided on what you want from a potential mate, go out of your way to find this person. This is where the real work starts.

Finding your significant other is hard in this generation. If many of the divorcees today had married their better halves, I don’t think the relationship would have deteriorated to the extent that they would decide that divorce is the only option left for them to find peace.

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If you are ready to start dating, don’t just go out there and start hooking up with anyone who smiles at you or who looks attractive enough. You have to take conscious actions and you may have to make some personal readjustments in order achieve your aim of the perfect partner. After all, you are not hoping to date for the fun of it alone. If you end up with Mr. or Mrs. Right in the process, it wouldn’t hurt anyone.

How to Start Dating If You Want to Be in a Successful Relationship

There are certain things you can do in order to kick off your dating plans as well as end up in a fulfilling relationship.

• Decide on what you want. You must first decide on the qualities that you want in your partner. This will be your guide to knowing what to look out for in any potential candidate you meet. Always have in mind that this is based on your perception of what makes you comfortable and happy. You can write down a few qualities you will be happy to find in your mate. Also, try to be realistic while writing this, and please remember that no one is perfect or complete.

• Improve yourself. I hope you know that as you’re busy making a list of what you want in a partner, he or she may be somewhere else writing a list as well. Find out your weak points that may be a put off to others and work on them.

Like I said earlier, no one is perfect but we should never allow our imperfections to overshadow our strengths.
The next best thing you can do for yourself is to love yourself. So many people are not satisfied with themselves. If you want a healthy and happy relationship with a partner, you must first have such a relationship with yourself. How can you offer something if you don’t have it in the first place?

• Spread the news. Now that you have prepared yourself for dating, tell your close friends and family members that you want to find your significant other. I have seen some couples who met and married each other based on a recommendation from friends and family. Yes! You may meet potentials on your own but how wide can your area of coverage be? Your close friends can help in recommending good people they think you will be compatible with. Remember, your friends may know you better than you know yourself.

• Hang out in your favorite places. This point is important because if you want to find a partner who shares the same interests with you, the best place to meet them is a place you are interested in. If you are a sports fan and also want a partner who enjoys sports, going to games, sports events and matches can introduce you to many people with a common interest in sports.

• Sign up online. There are many dating sites you can register with to meet lots of people. Some of these sites make recommendations for you based on your personal attributes and requirements. Some are free while some require monthly payments. If you are an introvert who finds it difficult to start a face-to-face conversation, you can use this platform to make things easy.

• Be open-minded. Don’t judge and discard the people you meet immediately as unsuitable without giving them a little chance to show their true colors. Don’t allow your expectations to be unrealistic and don’t be too rigid with your demands. Even though you may be looking for a red-haired woman and you meet a blond who is touching your heart in a unique way, don’t close up your heart or run away; instead, give yourself the chance to see if she is the one you are searching for.

• Be yourself. Please don’t portray what you are not. Some people live a life of pretense and as such, lead many astray. Let him/her see you for who you are and not as something you are not. Be clear about what makes you tick and be ready to voice it out instead of suppressing it for a deadly outburst later. What if you end up with someone you can’t tolerate because you failed to be yourself?

Like I have said, meeting many people is easy and fast, but picking the right partner from the millions of potential matches out there is not an easy task. You have to be ready for it so you can end up happy and fulfilled.

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