Are Dating Sites Worth The Money

Dating sites are trending nowadays. Many people have given their testimonies on how they met their perfect match online, and after a fulfilling relationship, they tie the knot and live happily ever. Some lament that they have been searching for their soul mate for a while now from one dating site to the other, yet they haven’t succeeded in finding their perfect match. Many are logging in everyday very hopeful that one day it will happen while others have given up hope.

Is it worth it to pay for a dating website?

Whichever category you belong to, one thing is clear about dating sites and that is, many people are using them so it is a reality. Now the question is, are they worth it at all, especially the paid ones which require a monthly fee from users? Personally, I think it is worth it to invest a little money in your search for love and for a suitable partner for marriage.

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Someone may argue that you don’t need to pay to meet people online when you can just go out and see a lot of people. This is also true but limited. On some dating sites, you don’t just get to know important facts about another person but also, you are compared for compatibility and a suitor is recommended. One good thing about paid dating sites is that they are not open for unserious people who just register to make fun of others. I believe that anyone paying for something is serious about it.

Spending money on a dating site is not bad at all. There are some advantages, which I will bring up so that you can judge for yourself if subscribing to a paid dating site is worth it. I think that the value of such an investment depends on the individual. What may work for me may not work for another. Let’s see some of the things you can gain by spending a little on a dating site.

• You can meet your spouse. Don’t laugh; it is true. There are so many testimonies from people who met their spouse on an online dating site. If they hadn’t bothered or dwelled on skepticism, they may have missed the right person for them.

• You can do a background check. Instead of going to a blind date blindly, you can read up all there is about a potential suitor from their profile on some of these sites. Okay! Imagine sites like, which has a verification policy. With this alone, all those “weirdos” are kept out and users are protected. Anyone you meet on this site should be original and not fake.

• You have many options. Meeting people offline has limited possibilities. It is usually limited to your group of friends and their friends, colleagues, course mates, church members and social groups. These meetings are often limited to your geographical location and few outings outside. With a dating site, you don’t only meet people in your location, state or country; you have options even abroad. What a great pool of potentials. Also, many people who are chronic introverts can have a first conversation with their suitors online before mustering the courage for a face-to-face meet.

• You can find yourself. Many of us don’t really know who we are or what our personality looks like. If you register on some sites like, they present you with a questionnaire that will help them determine some things in you like self-confidence, social dependence, etc. After this exercise, you can also understand yourself better.

• You will get help. Do you know that many people ended up marrying the wrong person because they didn’t understand themselves and what they need in a partner? Some of these paid sites will push you towards the right direction when it comes to choice making.

Like I said earlier, it all depends on you and what you need. These sites work out if you know what you are looking for.

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