How To Create An Appealing Online Dating Profile

We now live in the 20th century where some of us try to find love through the internet by spending hours staring and scrolling over the screens of our smartphones or computers.  A key to success is creating an appealing online dating profile.

While some enjoy the social-networking sites to find friends and relatives, others go through random profiles and try dating apps to mingle with other people that they find interesting.,,,, and are five of the most popular dating sites on the internet for people over 50.

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How to Make the Most of your Online Profile

In such online dating sites, profile pictures and profile descriptions are two of the things that catch a person’s attention. These are also common struggles of people who patronize online dating. They have a hard time choosing what photo to display or what to write in their profiles.

Here are some tips in creating a truly appealing online dating profile that will please anyone to “like,” “follow,” “swipe right,” or message you.

The display picture:

1. Make sure that your main photo is your own.
You should refrain from putting Robert Downey Jr. or Ryan Gosling/Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston’s face in your main photo or a photo of someone that’s not you. People on the website or app want to see who they really are talking to.

2. Your main photo should be a solo picture of you.
The person on the other screen is curious to see who he/she is going to interact with. Avoid confusing them by displaying a group photo or a photo of you with a company wherein you might just lose their interest. It will make it hard to decipher which one you are.

3. Choose a classy photo over a sexy photo as your profile picture.
Put an elegant or stylish photo of you. Genuine, modest, prim, and proper is more attractive in the eyes of most people. A sexy photo is not bad at all, but it should not look too provocative or misleading.
Also, upload an action shot of you.

Show them how outgoing and active you are. You can attract more profile visitors if they see you doing interactive endeavors or hobbies. Most people become interested in people who are adventurous or enjoy some of the same interests.

The bio:

1. Be honest
With that being said, try to find a few adjectives that will best describe you and use them for your bio. Also, whether you are 58 and single, they will want know. Feel free to indicate it. Who knows if someone is wearing the same shoe; you might even get along and find each other, right?

2. Be funny and charming
One of things that people search for when they look for a partner is humor and a positive attitude. We find people who have good sense of humor charming, attractive and witty. A hint of humor in your bio will go a long way.

3. Be specific
Let them know your intentions. Are you looking for an exclusive date, a fling, a spouse or are you just signed up for fun? Go ahead and tell them. They want to know.

The dating:

Be yourself.
There is no danger in being your real self on online dating sites. Once you’re comfortable to show who you are and how you are, then you will be able to attract a person who appreciates the same things as you do. You might eventually find yourself a perfect match.

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