Melanie Nichols, Founder of The Second Act Income. I am dedicated to helping people over 55 quit their day jobs, retire with confidence, and create a lifestyle they want and deserve. The new economy of internet business creates an opportunity for them to be able to remain independent, and not be held down by living on a severely fixed income. The possibilities are unmatched in history.

Jim Hamilton became a world traveler almost by accident when he answered an advertisement for an ESL teacher in 1986. The result was twenty years abroad traveling to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and parts of the Sub-Continent. Traveling to and living in various places on the globe are activities he highly recommends, especially to retirees. To know more, visit Second Act Income website.

Born and raised in New England, Anna has navigated through her fair share of relationships. She’s been lucky and unlucky in love, and has nearly seen and heard it all. Through every trial and tribulation, Anna has always served as somewhat of a “sounding board” for her friends and family members as they travel along their own journeys in pursuit of love, gladly offering counsel and encouragement drawn from her own experiences. In addition to sharing her advice on dating, love and relationships, Anna also writes about everything from lifestyle and healthcare to philanthropy and business, and anything in between. She holds a BA in Journalism and an MS in Health Communication. Anna currently resides in Cambridge, MA with her partner Jordan and their dog, Momo.

Having retired from his career as a Commercial Roofing Salesman, he turned his attention to growing his retirement funds using Forex and Stock Investing. Steve has agreed to share his considerable knowledge about investing with Second Act Income to help us all make that transition as well, when he is not taking advantage of flying time that is.

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